Scootie’s Seconds

For a few months now, we have been trying to empty out a section of a shop for a new venture. Regular visitors to our Retreat branch would have noticed the appliance section of our store emptying out and some strange shelving units moving into the space left behind. More recently the shelves have started being filled with all manner of oddities.

The Appliance Shop is being transformed into Scootie’s Seconds

Well the mystery is finally being revealed and we are extremely excited to announce the launch of Scootie’s Seconds. Scootie’s Seconds is to be our second-hand goods shop, housed inside our Retreat Eddlesgas branch. For the convenience of our customers, the second hand shop will use the same tills as Eddlesgas & Tackle. This means all accounts, gift vouchers and payment details for Eddlesgas can also be used for Scootie’s Seconds.

Currently the shop is NOT YET trading in full – we are still trying to collect more stock! So we are open for BUYING ONLY. In other words, if you have things getting in your way at home, or if you’re downsizing, or simply decluttering and ridding your home of unwanted stuff – We would love to give you some money to take it off your hands!

Some of the exciting stock items we’ve been collecting for the Second-Hand Shop so far.

Once we have enough stock to fill our new space – we will be announcing our official launch date and grande opening. During the opening we are going to have all kinds of specials and fun give-aways, so it’s worth noting the date in your diary, once it has been decided of course. To make sure you don’t miss any of the latest updates “LIKE” the Scootie’s Seconds Facebook page, or subscribe to the news feed on the Scootie’s Seconds website, where more information and specials are bound to be posted!

We are really thrilled to be taking on this new challenge, and we look forward to seeing you all here to share in it with us!

A quick peak under the covers to see some of the tools and hardware we recently bought in a lot!
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