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Technipunch Mobile 900 Braai

Very often we get asked for our opinions on a particular product, or our experiences in using a particular product, so we thought it might be a good idea to start a regular feature on our news page where we can review certain products to help you make a better decision.

The very first product we have decided to review today is the TechniPunch Mobile 900 Stainless steel Wood/ Charcoal braai.

First Impressions:

The first thing that strikes you about the Mobile 900 is the simplicity of the design. It is very much a case of having everything you need, but nothing more. Personally I like the no-nonsense approach, and would much prefer to have an uncomplicated design in most things, as this often translates into ease of use and more often than not, reliability!

The second, undeniable fact that really stands out is the quality of the construction. A lot of time and effort has gone into making sure that all the welds look really good, the rivets line up properly, every sharp corner has been filed round and every bend, crease and joint has been ‘done right’. It’s the kind of thing engineers would really enjoy seeing, simply beautiful metal work.

I like to give every braai I see a little ‘wobble-test’ to see if it is as strong as I would like it to be, and I am pleased to report that the TechniPunch fares pretty well! Provided the legs and wheels are on level ground, the frame is very solid and moves very little when wiggled around, in other words, there isn’t a steak big enough to make this bad boy buckle. The grid too is quite rigid, and hardly flexes when pushed on, aided by the very heavy gauge steel rod used to construct the outer frame of the grid. In fact the only thing we could find fault with (and we really did have to look for something) was the wheels. The wheels are fairly standard braai wheels and will probably last years, but given that the rest of the braai is built like a tank, the little plastic runners are a touch out of place.

High End Features list:

Every other braai on the market offers little side tables these days, but the difference here is that you can actually use these! The side tables on this braai are strong enough for heavy casserole dishes filled to the brim with steak, chops and wors. Stack every sauce imaginable on the other side and hang all your utensils off it, these side-tables will just keep smiling at you long after the average braai’s side-flaps would have collapsed under the pressure!

mobile 900
Technipunch Mobile 900 with Rotisserie attachments

The ember-maker box is mounted towards the right side and makes starting your fire and constantly feeding it with hot coals easy as pie!

The grid is height adjustable, with 3 settings, so you are always assured of the right amount of heat for whatever you happen to be cooking.

Best of all? The entire braai is constructed using 430 grade stainless steel! As an option you could even specify 304 grade stainless steel, should you be planning to have your next braai at the bottom of the ocean!

Technipunch also offer a number of optional accessories, such as a rotisserie function, an excellent pizza oven, coal spades and an excellent range of braai tongs designed to fit perfectly through the slot pre-cut in the side table.

If we could nit-pick, a removable ash tray or trap-door type hatch to make cleaning easier would have been nice, but certainly isn’t a deal breaker on what is otherwise a feature packed braai. Another nice to have would have been the option of moving the ember maker up and using a smaller grill to braai on one side and have a potjie on the other, but again, how often would you actually use that?

It is also worth mentioning that the TechniPunch factory is located about 20 minutes drive out of Somerset West and replacement parts, in the very unlikely even that you’ll need them, are readily available. Just one of the many advantages of supporting local business.

Value For Money:

TechniPunch make braais and braai accessories because they love to braai! They are first and foremost a sheet-steel engineering shop and their

Technipunch’s excellent Stainless Steel Braai Tongs

website shows off some of the extremely impressive machines they use to create their fantastic line of products. The true genius and beauty of their factory is the precise processes and templates that they have created to make the production process as effective as possible, thus cutting costs to a bare minimum.

What this means for you is incredible value for money. To put things into perspective, we currently have a stainless steel charcoal braai on our floor with far fewer features than this braai, which retails for just over R 7000. The Stainless Steel TechniPunch Mobile 900 braai starts at a retail price of UNDER R3000 for the 430 stainless steel model with a super strong zinc coated grill, or you can upgrade to a stainless steel grid for a shade over three grand. Our competitors down the road are selling mild steel braais at these kinds of prices!

The Mobile 900 really leaves us very little to complain about, there are tiny points we might have done differently, but we really have to nitpick to find anything negative to say about this braai. Factor in the price and it really offers a level of quality and value for money that is simply unbelievable!

At this price point the TechniPunch is unrivaled and will outlast some braais costing 3 times as much. This one is not to be missed!



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