Vec Power Infinity Water Heaters

Vec Power’s range of water heaters are undoubtedly the industry leaders in terms of Quality, versatility and performance. By using advanced water flow detection, Vec Power manage to make their water heaters operate at water pressures, and flow rates, that would simply make lesser units choke. The intelligent burner system only lights the burners you actually need to achieve your desired water temperatures, and the fan assisted system ensures the most efficient burn of your gas. These water heaters can easily replace large electric geysers and cost far less to run. Use them in concert with a solar valve unit and solar geyser, and your home or business’ hot water will cost you almost nothing!

Named the Infinity series, because as long as you can supply gas and water you have a completely limitless supply of hot water and as with all gas water heaters, you are not paying to store hundreds of liters of hot water that you are not using.



  • Available in 18L, 24L and 30L per minute units.
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial installations
  • Extremely wide range of operating pressures and flow rates
  • Will work with only 2.5lt/min flow rate and down to only 20kPa of water pressure
  • Suitable for LPG or Natural Gas applications
  • Intelligent, fan assisted system


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