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With everything happening in the news today; the National Lock-down, panic buying and staying inside every day, we almost didn’t notice the first little chill in the air as winter seems to be crawling towards us again. The past couple of days have seen very welcome rain and a not so welcome drop in temperatures. […]

Scootie’s Seconds

For a few months now, we have been trying to empty out a section of a shop for a new venture. Regular visitors to our Retreat branch would have noticed the appliance section of our store emptying out and some strange shelving units moving into the space left behind. More recently the shelves have started […]


Every once in a while we like to show off the work we do in our workshop. Today our workshop had the pleasure of working on the absolutely fantastic Chad-O-Chef Sizzler 4-burner. The braai came to us needing a little bit of love and looking quite sorry for itself. Here are some pictures of what […]


Products in Review – Cobb Pro

Let’s face it, any man loves a gadget. We love having ‘stuff’ that makes life easier, things we can show off to our buddies, things that make us look cleverer than our peers. But one category of gadget makes us feel almost super-human! I am talking off course about the braai gadget – it ticks […]

Gas Geysers

Land yourself in some hot water!

Traditional electric geysers have always been the go-to choice for most South Africans when building their homes. Back in the day, electricity was cheap and water was plentiful, but these days both utilities are quite expensive and in short supply! Gas geysers, or more accurately, gas water heaters, are an obvious solution that would help […]

prize giving

First Annual Edibles Derby – Fishing Competition

We hosted our first Rock and Surf competition and whilst the fishing was tough we believe that a good time was had by all, especially looking at the smiles on some of the faces. Firstly we would like to thank ALL of our awesome sponsors who made it possible for us to host a successful […]

Mandela Day

Mandela Day – Etafeni Day Care Centre

This year, Eddlesgas decided to help a community project that we have been working closely with for the past 4 years. The Etafeni Day Care Centre Trust: Etafeni are a community day care centre in Nyanga running several programs from their campus in order to improve the lives of the people in the area. Eddlesgas […]

gas fuse

Products in Review – Gas Fuse

Gas Fuse When the Gas Fuse first landed on my desk I must admit I was very skeptical about the usefulness of this device, given the simplicity of its design. In the interest of fairness, we decided to put it to the test. At first glance it seems like a good idea. The device promises […]